19 Oct 2015 0

I guess it was around the age of 20 that I got infected by the travel bug and I knew it would never leave my life. From The Netherlands I made my way to places for work and life. Nine years ago Idecided to settle down in Beijing and Hong Kong, working on business development and marketing projects.

While travelling I was lucky to meet great people: other travellers and local people. And with some I became friends for life. I always keep an eye out for where the local people eat, drink and enjoy themselves. That is where we find the special flavours, atmosphere and people and we will have those unforgettable memories. SLM have an eye for these spots and destinations in the Mediterranean. That is why I joined the team. And we are glad to share these destinations with you.

I love hiking in the beautiful sierra of Castellon, in the Dutch dunes and the Nepali Himalayas. I also love marshmellows, hockey and movies.



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