Ask for your Delicious Food Basket prior to your stay and you will find it waiting for you on arrival. We have selected very fine local food, homemade and from ecological farms in the Castellon area. You will find the products in the house properly presented and cooled if necessary.
In case you cannot find a specific product in our Delicious Local Food Basket or if you wish to have a hot meal prepared for you during your stay, just call or send us an email: hola@slowlivingmediterraneo.com We will be pleased to help you!

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Clos d'Esgarracordes 'Crianza' red wine 2011. 1 bottle: 11.50 euros
This excellent red wine is produced following a traditional method whose expertise has been passed down for generations. When tasting Clos d’Esgarracordes wines you will enjoy and share unforgettable moments. Red wine aging. 14% vol. Coupage: mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Monastrell, Tempranillo and Syrah grapes. 17 months oak casks. 18 months in bottle.


TINTO CRIANZA 2011, spanish wine


Fresh black truffle from els ports de Morella. Glass jar 40gr.: 12 euros
Top quality truffles from Morella area, in its juice packaged at the moment of their best maturation stage. This is a great opportunity to taste this unique and wild fungus even when it is out of season. Variety: Tuber Aestivium 100% aroma and flavour of the landscapes of Castellón.


spanish truffles, slow food


Goat cheese from Catí. 1 cheese: 10 euros
Naturally ripened goat cheese from the town of Catí. Outstanding organic cheese made with natural goat milk with an excellent creamy and aromatic taste. It has an unforgettable flavour that reminds us the ancient home-made cheeses. One of the best Spanish food products according to the popular Repsol Guide Ranking.


slow food, spanish catí cheese


Llonganisses seques (spicy long pork sausages). 300 gr.aprox: 4.80 euros
The “llonganisses seques” are a dry sausage product elaborated following the family legacy with the best pork meat and condiments (salt, cinnamon, pepper) of the most selected varieties filled into a natural, colourless pork casing. They are one of the most typical product of the Castellón. Les llonganisses seques are best tasted with a slice of bread and a good wine.


spicy long pork sausages, spanish slow food


Best quality turrón from Atzeneta. 1 piece: 5.50- 8.80 euros
Premium quality turrón (typical Spanish almond nougat). Made with the best natural ingredients according to an ancestral recipe. More than 150 years of tradition in handmade production using the best ‘Marcona’ almond variety, the best variety for turrón production. Prices: Soft turrón 1 piece 8.80.euros / ‘Guirlache’ turrón 1 piece  5.50 euros.


spanish turron, spanish nougat turron


Artisanal jam La Cartuja. Glass jar: 6 euros
Wide range of jam flavors. Artisanal jam from the town of Altura made with 100% natural products from the natural park of Serra Espadà. Totally natural production with a substance called Agar-Agar extracted from marine algae used as preservative and thickener agent. Delicious jam made of black figs, orange, peach, mushrooms, pickle peppers and many other tastes


Artisanal jam from spain


Tangerine/ lemmon sweet liquor. 1 bottle: 11 euros
A sweet liquor 100% natural juice form tangerines or lemons collected in Castellón. Totally artisan production with no artificial colourings nor preservatives. This is an ideal drink for desserts or as appetizer. Glass bottle.


local spanish Tangerine/ lemmon sweet liquor


Olives from Vilafamés. 1 jar: 2 euros
Delightful olives from the agricultural cooperative Oleícola del Penyagolosa. They are preserved in their juice in a glass jar. Perfect as appetizer accompanied with a glass of wine or a cold beer. They have a savory flavor. Two options: green natural olives or seasoned olives.


local spanish olives


Extra Virgin olive oil. Bottle 500ml: 7.10 euros
Intense olive oil bottled unfiltered. Crystal bottle. 500 ml. Cold press, top quality extracted from early harvested selected olives ‘cañetera’ ,’farga’ and ‘grosal’ varieties. Collected in the area of Cabanes‬, ‪La Pobla Tornesa‬ and  ‪Vilafamés, ‬in Castellón. From the agricultural cooperative Oleícola del Penyagolosa. Naturally decanted, it has milder fruity flavour, low acidity.


spanish Extra Virgin olive oil


Natural honey from Serra Espadà. 500 gr: 6.5 euros
Natural honey 100% ecological from Serra Espadà. Glass jar 500 gr. Delicious honey produced in a family farm directly from the bee hives in the town of Eslida. Eucalyptus and orange blossom varieties.


spanish Natural honey from Serra Espadà

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Castellón and its region are a food destination par excellence. Top producers and local providers will bring you the best quality products. This is farming land and you’ll soon notice the benefits when you’re tasting Castellón’s food.

slow food movement in spain

Castellón is well-known around by its gastronomy and local food, especially by its oranges and other vegetables and fruits, olive oil, wines, cheese, home-made breads and rosquilletes, fresh black truffle, fish, seafood and pork products as for example the spicy sausages (llonganissa seca and botifarra).

The paella cooked in a firewood is our most famous dish, but we also have many more delicious meals that are worth highlighting: arròs al forn (rice in the oven), arròs a banda (seafood rice),  or arròs negre (its name received due to the use of squid black ink to cook it). Also very well-known are the traditional tombets, produced using meat as a base, and accompanied by mountain snails (very traditional and tasty), mushrooms (abundant in our pinewoods) and vegetables.

Our basket approaches our local succulent and tasty produce from our small local producers directly to you.