Wake up in artistic Vilafamés

| Room for Guests: 1-7 people

Wake up in artistic Vilafamés

A cosy rural house located in the old town of Vilafamés. This lovely village joined in 2015 the official list of Spain’s Most Beautiful Towns.

Vilafamés, just like both Peñiscola and Morella, absolutely deserves to be on that list. The town seems to delicately climb up the hill upon which it perches, and shows off  a mix of magnificent brown buildings and small white houses.

rural house in villafames

The streets are filled with history and culture, while the views over the countryside are nothing short of awesome. Located just 26 km. from Castellón, the town of Vilafamés is halfway between the coast of the Orange Blossom (Costa Azahar), and the mountainous hinterland. Its rich heritage can be felt as you wander through the streets, where you can feel the influence of history, culture, gastronomy and the environment.

Vilafamés seems a boutique town, that blends the old with the new. Photographers and artists settled in the 70’s in Vilafames looking for inspiration. This artistic character and creative personality makes this village a delightful spot worth long-stay holidays.

Staying here is a different experience. Guests will find a house that is decorated with flowers and fruits of the season (lemons, oranges, rosemary, lavender…). It is also possible to enjoy a nice meal, a paella or a breakfast in the surroundings, in a lovely ecologic garden at the guests’ total disposal.


RAFA – Manager

We are proud to deliver totally personalized attention to our guests, 24 hour commitment, because we are obsessed with our clients’ satisfaction.

Slow tourism is our essence. There is no better place to enjoy life, to relax and feel alive while connecting to this piece of land.




This is a typical rural house that preserves the old essence of wall made of stones and wooden roofs.

It is located in El Raval neighborhood, an adorable hideout of narrow and quiet streets in the old town centre. The house is placed just in front of Sant Ramón Square, where visitors will find its small church and some nice tiny shops and a few bars and restaurants in the surroundings. Neighbors will welcome visitors with open arms and warm-hearted smiles.

It has a capacity of a maximum of 7 persons. (3 double rooms + an extra bed is possible)

The house has 3 double rooms, 2 bath-rooms, a dining-room, a small kitchen and magnificent views over the mountains.

The kitchen is equipped with a fridge, kitchen counter, a toaster, all kitchen tools and dining ware.


  • Bed linen
  • Towels
  • Essential amenities
  • Local products from the garden
  • Water and natural fruit juice
  • Coffee and tea
  • Tickets for the Arts Museum
  • Entrance tickets and tasting at the Mayo-García Wineries
  • Chocolate and candies
  • Flower decoration



  • Breakfast served at the house  (local products, home-made jams, season fruits, ecologic juice…)  12 euros/person
  • Cleaning service  10 euros/day
  • Laundry service 10 euros/service
  • Shopping service 2 euros + the price of the purchase
  • Slow breakfast at “El Bancalet” ( Breakfast served by the owners in the open-air at a terrace in the garden surrounded by the morning sunshine and the fruit-trees and vegetables)  15 euros/person

slow food spain, rural house in vilafames

1 night……………………………………………90 euros

1 week ( 6 nights)…………………………475 euros

2 weeks ( 14 nights)……………………..850 euros


Please ask us for longer stays and other periods.


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Visitors will be able to pick up their own fruits and vegetables from a little garden in the vicinity and then enjoy a 100% natural breakfast served by the owners in the open-air.

mediterranean breakfast at vilafames spain

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