Paradise between mountains and sea

| Room for Guests: 1 - 50 people

Paradise between mountains and sea

This is a project of social and ecological tourism. A natural experience in the heart of Serra Espadà, a green area declared Natural Park, a paradise between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains.

Located on a hill near the little town of Alfondeguilla, the accomodation features a 4 star hotel, a high quality hostel with swimming-pool and an excellent Km.0 restaurant.

This establishment is the perfect setting to enjoy different experiences in a natural spot surrounded by a 150 square km. forest of pine trees and holm oaks. Visitors can do Tai-chi, Yoga, cultural visits, mountain hiking, cooking workshops, and much more.

It all began with an objective: to find a place where the landscape could be enjoyed as in its origins and nature in its purest state. Everything should be felt, touched and seen as if it was the first time. We wanted to create an experience of rural tourism with the lowest environmental impact.



The hostel, decorated in a lovely minimalist style, has 5 rooms with capacity for 8 people. Completely made of pine tree wood, the 5 rooms have a big balcony, free wifi, wardrobe, bunk beds of 200x90cm, and mattress of 27cm’. thickness in all the beds. Breakfast, duvets and bed-linen included.

Total capacity of hostel: 40 persons.

The hostel is aimed at organizations, groups, families and the courses’ participants.

This lodge, which  preserves the high quality of the hotel, becomes the ideal space in which to share the experience of enjoying nature with other people.

Small and medium-sized events can also be held here,  as the space has a 100 square meters’ common room, an exterior terrace of 40 square meters and access to a large outdoor patio. The hostel is fully equipped with anything needed to organize a business’ meeting or a social event.


This establishment is much more than just a hotel: it means respect for the cultural, geological and environmental values of this place.
Imagine a beautiful room, decorated in the most simple but minimalistic style, from where to look at nature in its pure state.  The hotel building is perfectly integrated in the environment: only 20 meters away visitors may enter the forest, of 15o square kilometers, where pine trees, oaks and other Mediterranean flora will welcome the visitor.

There are double and triple bed rooms. All the rooms are oriented in order to capture the Mediterranean sea breeze in a natural way. The large windows offer amazing views of a privileged landscape: the castle Castillo del Castro.

All the rooms include à la carte breakfast, access to the swimming-pool, to the terrace, a double bed of 200 x 180 cm, mattress of 27cm’. thickness, free wifi, room service and panorama windows.


  • A restaurant socially and environmentally committed
  • 80% of the products used in the restaurant are locally produced (less than 100km)
  • 80% of the vegetables come from the organic garden
  • Transgenic-free and palm oil free restaurant
  • They avoid using products from multinationals such as Nestlé or Coca Cola
  • Products are bought directly from the producers
  • They avoid using over-packed products
  • The fish comes from the nearest fish market, never from fish farms, nor frozen fish.
  • Only bio-wholemeal bread
  • They use fair trade products
  • No foie used in the menus
  • Everything is elaborated in the restaurant’s kitchen(0% comes from catering services).
  • They are involved in the recuperation of the güira sheep (a local breed).

Two menus are served

  • Seasonal menu ( 4 dishes) 25€
  • Gourmet menu (7 dishes) 38€



  • Only accommodation: 90€
  • Breakfast included: 98€
  • Half Board : 148€
  • Full Board: 198€


  • Only accommodation: 120€
  • Breakfast included: 138€
  • Half Board: 213€
  • Full Board: 288 €


Room for 8 people (with balcony)

  • Price per person/night: 35€
  • Breakfast included:40€
  • Half Board: 55€
  • Full Board:65€


Two menus are served

  • Seasonal menu ( 4 dishes) 25€
  • Gourmet menu (7 dishes) 38€


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Enjoy natural products on your table, grown in the little garden next to the hotel. A luxury of km.0 cuisine in a 100% sustainable establishment.

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