Small Groups Holidays in Spain

When thinking of small group holidays we believe that a type of independent and organised travel is possible, but without the bunk beds, stress and schedules. An advantage of this  kind of tourism is that it is cheaper than a tailor made tour. It lays somewhere in the middle, and in Slow Living Mediterráneo we think it’s just a perfect option. Castellón provides the best conditions to do small group holidays because of its medium-sized infraestructures and typology of accommodation services.

Our small group travel supplies a unique experience. You will travel, eat and sleep as locals do, getting connected to local guides and living next door to the residents. The best small group holidays feature the right balance between organized activities and free time. Therefore we do our best to design a personalized trip for you and your group, according to your interests and demands, leaving a space for “doing nothing”.



Why travel with a small group?

Traveling in group has some advantages but it becomes a problem when it is a big varied group with different interests and paces. On the other hand, in a smaller group it is easy to agree and make decisions. When focusing on “slow travel”, small group holidays are usual because they have the opportunity to spend more time getting to know the local traditions, regional destinations and insiders better.

A small group usually shares a relationship (family groups, friends), interests or tastes, and therefore cohabitation is easier and the stress occasions reduced. Discovering nearby or far corners of the world with other like-minded travellers adds an extra dimension to your trip.

In Slow Living Mediterráneo we have the perfect accommodation and tourism experiences  for different kinds of traveller groups:

FRIENDS GROUPSgroup holidays to spain

Spacious comfortable rural houses and cozy hotels where to spend unforgettable days with friends combining relax with sport activities or adventure routes. If you prefer to enroll cultural or gastronomic workshops, this is the place.


We also provide different options that will make family holidays a wonderful experience: boutique hotels with nice swimming-pool and garden, country houses with a playing room or a “masía” where cows, hens and sheep will bring joy to the kids.


Whether your group loves hiking or you are mountain bike enthusiasts, we have the right approach for your slow travel: high-quality accommodation, local guides, in-depth information of the activities and unique experiences to enjoy holidays from a different perspective.

Travelling on a small group holiday is more flexible and allows us to stay in smaller, family-run hotels and visit spots that are inaccessible to big squads. Not only does this reduce our impact on the environment, it also turns into a better experience for us.

The groups can be made up of mixed ages and mixed nationalities, but everyone’s guaranteed to have one thing in common: a shared love of travel.

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