Sailing Holidays in Spain

Ships have sailed the Mediterranean Sea since ancient times. Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians, Arabs … many cultures arrived to the Spanish coasts, and of course, to  the seashore of Castellón. This area has always been a place for exchange of goods, people, traditions, culture and ideas.

Nowadays, our beloved Mediterranean features a new element, as it has become a place for leisure, a perfect area in which to enjoy water activities all year long thanks to a privileged climate with temperatures that vary between 15Cº and 29Cº the whole year.


Visitors can begin a journey on a sailing boat, setting the sails towards the Columbretes Islands while envisaging the mountainous relief of the Natural Park of the Desert de les Palmes or Serra d’Irta. They will be able to stop in any of the various marinas and leisure ports such as the port of Vinaròs, Benicarló, Alcossebre, Oropesa, Castellón or Burriana; or even heading towards the Natural Park of Delta del Ebre (in Catalonia) or to the city of Valencia.

Sailing holidays in spain

Unquestionably, if you love diving or saling, one of the best options will be visiting the natural paradise of the Illa Grossa (Big Island) within the marine reserve of Columbretes Islands,  and spend a sleepless night admiring the star-studded sky.

The Islas Columbretes- Columbretes Islands, surrounded by crystal clear water and submerged steep walls, have the ideal conditions to host a rich and  varied marine biodiversity. That is why they are a premier destination for those looking for sailing holidays and for scuba diving and snorekelling fans and experts from all around the world. The perception of this place as a paradise becomes more real if you have the chance to swim in its clear waters or to dive towards the sea bottom to enjoy the privilege of discovering the Mediterranean Sea as it was in past times. Under a strict access control, visitors can have the opportunity to  set foot on the Illa Grossa,  to go for a stroll towars the lighthouse, which was built in the 19th century and inhabited since 1975. Only those workers in charge of the maintenance and survey control currently live there seasonaly.

Those searching for sailing or diving holidays will find in Castellón area a unique setting for their interests and requirements.

Water activities

Canoeing can also be practised in Castellón, on the Mediterranean warm waters. Rowing besides the coastline is a pleasure. Long sandy beaches are followed by wild spots where cliffs and small coves provide an amazing skyline of Castellón’s shore. Old defense towers of ancient pirates’ times spread all along the coast. Here in Castellón, the Mediterranean Sea  offers calm waters, perfect to practise paddle surf or even a newly introduced veriety: paddle yoga.

For demanding travellers who need an adrenaline rush during their holidays, practising surf, kitesurf or windsurf is also possible. They will have to wait for the perfect weather requirements or move to a specific spot where wind and sea waters offer the ideal conditions.

Many specialised companies in Castellón develop quality services for water sports and other recreational activities where the Mediterranean Sea is the main attraction.

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