Cycling holidays in Spain

Cycling is one of the most slow” experiences that one can practise. It is a healthy and ecological way of travelling that allows you to take your time and discover the lovely spots you find on the way at ease.


These are the reasons why Castellón and the surrounding territory is the ideal region to do cycling holidays in Spain:


A Mediterranean climate that allows biking all year long.


A topography that combines mountains and plains so that the traveller can adapt the level of cycling routes according to his expertise. There are cycling trails for those who ride a bike quite often and need a demanding itinerary, but also for those families, couples or small groups who look for easy routes and a nice cycling ride.

cycling holidays in spainroutes

Routes for different kinds of cycling tourism: mountain bike, green ways, road or urban trails.

1 – Mountain Bike: A network of 1,500 kilometres of sign-posted trails for mountain bikes with four Mountain Bike Centres. These are free access spaces for the use of riders which provide a series of complementary support services and equipment. If you are thinking of enjoying cycling holidays in Castellón you will find a cycling infrastructure in good conditions that has been designed to discover the rich natural and cultural heritage of this land and the most beautiful villages. Morella, Montanejos and Navajas in the inland; Torreblanca on the coast, are the four Mountain Bike Centres where to start the cycling routes.

2 – Vías verdes (Green Ways) that are built on ancient railways:

Vía Verde de Ojos Negros. From the inland, at more than one thousand meters’ height, this green way goes down to the coastline in an itinerary of more than 160 kilometers. It is the longest green way in Spain.

Vía verde del Mar, between Benicasim and Oropesa del Mar. This a part of the ancient railway that went by the seashore. It is a lovely road that can be done by bike and on foot. Small rocky beaches and cliffs over the Mediterranean sea alternate with watch towers that were built thousands of years ago.

Vía verde del Val de Zafán, in the North of the province. From the town of Alcañíz, to Tortosa, beside the mouth of the river Ebro. This bycicle trail crosses the Natural Park of Els Ports de Tortosa-Beceit, one of the most beautiful and unspoilt natural spot in Eastern Spain.

3 – Road: In Castellón there are winding roads, amongst stunning green spaces, with hardly any traffic, which are ideal for enjoying cycling holidays. No wonder why some years ago, the Spanish Cycling Tour -Vuelta Ciclista a España-, has in this land one of its most popular mountain stage.

4 – Urban: Cities such as Castellón de la Plana or Valencia have their own bike urban trails, sometimes joining several villages. This is a good way of discovering the cultural and urban heritage inside the cities. It is usually a municipal bike rental service that enables visitors to use bycicles for some hours.

Cycling culture in Castellón

In Castellón there is a “culture of cycling”, which has favoured not only a network of routes and signposted bike trails, but also local companies and specialized services which enable the practice of cycling all across the region.

Fantastic accomodation for your biking holidays

There is a qualified network of accomodation and restaurants in charming places, such as those of Slow Living Mediterráneo, which feature lovely hotels and rural houses where to stay and enjoy a Mediterranean cuisine while taking a pause and indulging in the sound of silence.

These are just a few of the reasons why we advise Castellón for a perfect slow travel experience enjoying cycling holidays in Eastern Spain.

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