Vineyards & wine tasting Les Useres

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Vineyards & wine tasting Les Useres


The wines produced in Castellón lay below a category: Vins de la Terra de Castelló (VdeTC). There’s a lot to be said for wines like these from Castellón, from areas that are on the fringes of today’s wine map. The people who make them tend to be passionate about what they do and their locality. The battles they have fought and continue to fight to get recognition for their wines have steeled them to produce the best wines they can.

We highly recommend keeping an eye out for the wines of Castellón, and specially that of a beautiful winery and wine cellars located in Les Useres: Barón d’Alba.

This was initiated by Sergio Garrido in 2001 with the aim of reviving the old traditions of hand-harvested winemaking which went to decline some 70 years ago. This venture started with the purchase of 4 established vineyards hosting 45 year old Macabeo and Tempranillo vines. It was quickly expanded with new wine cellars and other varieties of vines. Today Barón d’Alba produces 9 different wines under the name Clos d’Esgarracordes.

Since 2012, Clos d’Esgarracordes has been a member of WINERIES FOR CLIMATE PROTECTION, an international association fighting against climate change whose commitment to the environment is to reduce carbon footprint and CO2 emission year on year.

The visit is organized following the process from its origins. Starting by visiting the vineyards, where a skilled expert will explain the factors that influence the quality of the wines, their treatment of vineyards and the growth processes. Then you will visit the winery and after learning the handling of the vines for quality grapes and the importance of  scientific advances,  you will finally taste the prestigious wines together with a delicious country style lunch outdoors.

This experience is for enthusiasts with little or no knowledge of wine tasting.

Meeting point:

Les Useres (Castellón)

Approx. duration:
5 h

No difficulty at all!

Recomm. age:

Prices: Adults 30€/pers. (VAT incl.)

Included: English speaking professional guide, wine tasting, country style lunch (grilled lamb meat or pork meat and sausages barbecue + drinks + dessert) and a bottle of wine as a present.


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