I love my tote bag!

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I love my tote bag!

Join our stamping workshop and carry your love around.

What you will do:
We are all makers. And we invite you to create your own stamped bag. Walk around the historic village and take your inspiration from the Spanish palm leaves, your family, your home, anything will do. And there is always your host Veronica. She will guide you in customising your tote bag by carving a stamp and experimenting with painting techniques.


The workshop takes 4-5 hours and is offered in English with a Spanish touch.

All the materials are included

50 euro per person – including materials

Where you will be:
The workshop is in a traditional house, built against the large mountain rock that forms the solid base for the village of Vilafames. You can even see parts of the rock exposed inside the house.

About your host, Veronica: ‘I graduated in arts school and am living in our mountain village Vilafames. I never stop thinking of creating new experiences. And I am eager sharing the art of making tote bags with you’

About Vilafames:
Its rich heritage can be felt as you wander through the streets, where you can feel the influence of history, culture, gastronomy and the environment. Vilafamés is halfway between the Spanish east coastal zone of the Orange Blossom Coast (Costa Azahar), north of Valenica and the mountainous hinterland.
The old part of Vilafames is of Muslim origin, dating to around the 11th century. The remains of this period are the foundations of the castle and the enchanting urban layout, of winding, narrow streets. Whitewashed houses are enhanced and highlighted by pretty plants, which contribute to the town’s special ambience.



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