Pick your oranges & learn from a farmer

spanish orange trees, orange guided route

Pick your oranges & learn from a farmer


Pick your own oranges! Select them out of our trees in the heart of the orange production area, the region of La Plana Baixa. Orange blossom leaves a pleasant scent all around, especially in spring time. This territory produces the best orange varieties, where farmers take care of every tree individually in the vast extension of orange-trees fields.

Two young local entrepreneurs know the traditions and the advances of the orange cultivation and production and invite you to visit their family company. Enjoy your walk around crop fields where different types of oranges and tangerines grow from October to June.

You will learn about the natural and traditional cultivation process that allows to obtain citrus groves of very great quality, the ‘clementina’, which is present in homes and most demanding palates of Spain and Europe.

The hosts show you a video with the historical development of orange cultivation and an exhibition of traditional tools and methods. You can enjoy a visit into the fields, where you will be able to pick the oranges out of the trees and eat them. The orange  fruit features in many products; wine, liquor, marmalade, pastry… 100% natural and ecologic. Orange-fans are welcome to learn more about these products and can try them.

Location: Vila-real

Approx. duration of the visit:

Very low

Recomm. age:
All ages

* Includes guided visit, guide-interpreter, orange products tasting, 1 kg. of best quality  natural oranges / mandarines.

Special price:
20€ adults (VAT not incl.) Ask for special prices for groups of more than 8.


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