atural Parks in Spain - Sierra de Irta

Natural Parks in Spain: Discovering La Sierra de Irta

16 Mar 2017 0 Routes and experiences

Today, in the blog of Slow Living Mediterráneo, let’s go for a trip! Visiting one of the Natural Parks in Spain is a must in all kind of slow travel experiences. Discovering the local nature, .

Horse Riding Holidays Spain, Villafranca, Cofrentes

Slow Travel in Spain: horse riding holidays

2 Mar 2017 0 Routes and experiences

Hi Slowers! In case you finally decide to live the adventure of enjoying Slow Travel in Spain with us, today in the blog of Slow Living Mediterráneo, we suggest you discover the Mediterranean in a .

spanish truffle recipes and slow food in spain

Slow Food: Truffle Season in Spain

9 Feb 2017 0 Slow food

The truffle season in Spain is here! The first black truffles, a delicacy of the Mediterranean cuisine, are collected at Christmas time and can be enjoyed till the end of March. That is why we .

Game of thrones filming locations in peñíscola

Peñíscola, one of the Game of Thrones locations

19 Jan 2017 0 Routes and experiences

Nearly everyone has ever wondered where some film or TV series might have been filmed. Today in Slow Living Mediterráneo, we bring you the Game Of Thrones locations in Peñíscola, a lovely town that became .

Slow Movement Spain, Slow cities in spain

Slow Movement: Spanish slow cities

12 Jan 2017 0 slow travel

In Spain, only eight cities have joined the Slow Movement initiative, “Cittas Slow”, and therefore these are the only Spanish cities officially recognized as Slow Cities. Today on the blog of Slow Living Mediterráneo we .