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  • alejandro ok byn
    CEO and co-founder

    Alejandro García

    I am highly committed to fulfill our customer's needs

    I love the sensation of freedom and peace that you get when you travel. And I am a fan of nature and outdoor activities. When I organize a special getaway .

  • javi ok byn

    Javier Valls

    I care about the destination, but what really matters to me is that in every travel, simple emotions turn into unforgettable memories

    My parents could not afford to travel but they always encouraged me to do it. At school, in those one-day long trips by bus. Later on, in teenage years, staying overnight, I could .

  • BERTA OKBYN peque
    Marketing lead and co-founder

    Berta Clausell

    I am a marketing lover, a passionate for design and a foodie traveller

    Traveling is so fascinating. Long holiday trips, weekend breaks, even traveling for work can be a thrilling experience. I had the chance to travel since I was a child and I .

  • marielle
    Marketing Strategist

    Marielle Lagers

    My first ever holiday was to Spain, where my Dutch parents took me when I was very small.

    I guess it was around the age of 20 that I got infected by the travel bug and I knew it would never leave my life. From The Netherlands I .


Castellón, on the East coast of Spain. This is the place to be.

Mild climate, delicious food, warm people, rich culture, astonishing landscapes ... and many dazzling settings to discover!

{ title:"A place to relax and dream away", url:"", thumb:"ía_alta-16-150x150.jpg", lat:40.1138985, lng:-0.0519082, icon:"", } , { title:"Dazzling peaceful beach hotel", url:"", thumb:"", lat:40.055385, lng:0.0641504, icon:"", } , { title:"Paradise between mountains and sea", url:"", thumb:"", lat:39.816942, lng:-0.289634, icon:"", } , { title:"Sail with us to Ibiza and Formentera", url:"", thumb:"", lat:38.734009, lng:1.415192, icon:"", } , { title:"Wake up in artistic Vilafamés", url:"", thumb:"", lat:40.1138985, lng:-0.0519082, icon:"", } , { title:"Slow down in our farmhouse", url:"", thumb:"", lat:40.64002, lng:-0.046631, icon:"", } , { title:"Experience slow living near Morella", url:"", thumb:"", lat:40.58212, lng:-0.09346, icon:"", } , { title:"Pamper yourself with yoga & cuisine", url:"", thumb:"", lat:40.2324292, lng:-0.426935, icon:"", } , { title:"Come to the land of silent mountains", url:"", thumb:"", lat:40.28016, lng:-0.07607, icon:"", } , { title:"Discover changing landscapes", url:"", thumb:"", lat:40.34146, lng:-0.12526, icon:"", } , { title:"Charming, cosy & slow", url:"", thumb:"", lat:40.2352, lng:-0.08763, icon:"", } , { title:"Perfect location for star gazers", url:"", thumb:"", lat:40.34146, lng:-0.12526, icon:"", } , { title:"Mill surrounded by native plants", url:"", thumb:"", lat:40.3268392, lng:-0.0792769, icon:"", } , { title:"Ceramic colour wizardry", url:"", thumb:"", icon:"", } , { title:"By foot and ebike to Mt Peñagolosa", url:"", thumb:"", icon:"", } , { title:"I love my tote bag!", url:"", thumb:"", icon:"", } , { title:"Find your sole-mate", url:"", thumb:"", icon:"", } , { title:"Swoon with stones", url:"", thumb:"", icon:"", } , { title:"Paella workshop in our garden", url:"", thumb:"", icon:"", } , { title:"Vineyards & wine tasting Les Useres", url:"", thumb:"", icon:"", } , { title:"Pick your oranges & learn from a farmer", url:"", thumb:"", icon:"", } , { title:"Sketch scenic spots & learn techniques from a local artist.", url:"", thumb:"", icon:"", } , { title:"Lovely linoleum", url:"", thumb:"", icon:"", } , { title:"Skydiving over the blue Mediterranean", url:"", thumb:"", lat:39.9948219, lng:0.0253597, icon:"", } , { title:"Bike excursions for all ages", url:"", thumb:"", lat:40.055385, lng:0.0641504, icon:"", } , { title:"Walk in cork-tree forests", url:"", thumb:"", icon:"", } , { title:"Walk & smell the glorious vegetation", url:"", thumb:"", icon:"", } , { title:"Private boat trip to Columbretes Islands", url:"", thumb:"", lat:39.898056, lng:0.685278, icon:"", } , { title:"Olive trees: Walk & hear their heartbeat", url:"", thumb:"", lat:40.5633307, lng:0.2338473, icon:"", } , { title:"Outdoor yoga in green valley", url:"", thumb:"", lat:40.2028913, lng:-0.4205149, icon:"", } , { title:"Sculpt, play, create. Please touch!", url:"", thumb:"", icon:"", } , { title:"Ceramics workshop 3 days", url:"", thumb:"", icon:"", }
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